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Yearly Flowers and Plants from Wosika Farm

Perennials continue their life cycles between multiple growing seasons. They grow back each year from roots that go dormant in the winter. Perennials generally have shorter blooming periods than annuals. Pair them with annuals to get constant color.

The perennials we grow are selected based on hardiness zone and can withstand our harsh Minnesota winters. The plants come tagged with information on shade/sun tolerance, water requirements and bloom time so it takes the guess work out for you. 

We offer two different sizes of containers of perennials for your convenience. The jumbo containers are used for larger more mature plants that eventually grow into larger specimens. The plants have an expansive root systems that allow easy transplanting and assurance of long time establishment in your garden. The 4½" size container provides a more economical method of establishing a perennial garden or including unique specimens into an existing bed. Either size will provide you with years of enjoyment from perennials plants that come back year after year.  

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Nice Selection!

Wf Icon40Nice selection of healthy plants and Kelly is so nice and knowledgeable! I look forward to opening day every year!.